Natural Remedy For High Blood Sugar


     High levels of sugar in the blood, can cure him and to keep to normal using the next natural elixir.

     Ingredients: Horseradish root, medium size (length approximately 20 cm, 2 cm wide), A clove of garlic, Two beers (a total of one liter), 2 ml. apple cider vinegar.

    Preparation: Wash the roots of horseradish several times. Let stand 15 to 20 minutes in to water mix with apple cider vinegar. Then remove horseradish and chop him in very small pieces. Along with finely chopped garlic paste combined  into a large glass bowl and pour them with beer. Then place the product in a jar to stand for 10 days. Fit to stand in a dark and cool place but not in the refrigerator. After 10 days standing can consume.

    How to consume: The first two days, two tablespoons three times a day. Then, a teaspoon three times a day. The treatment lasts one month.

     In addition, you should drink water with oatmeal, 4 times a day. Here’s how to prepare: 50 grams of oats or oat flour, put it in water and cook it over low heat for 15 minutes, then leave to stand for one hour. Then drain the water through the sieve and your drink is ready. This drink can start earlier, because of the above mentioned natural elixir have to wait ten days.

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