Natural Ways Of Treating Warts


      Warts are unpleasant buildup occurring on the skin and are usually caused by viral infections. Usually they appear on the arms, hands, fingers, legs, in the area around the neck, and there are cases where the warts appear on the genitals, and are very difficult to remove.

     The natural way of treating warts always lasts longer then the medical, but at least you will avoid unwanted painful and unpleasant moments and will somehow get a guarantee that the wart will not re-appear or expand.

      In addition learn which herbs can be used as a remedy against warts. If you already have warts on your body, try the following natural remedies, be persistent and expect positive results.

     Garlic – Finely chop a fresh garlic clove and put it directly onto the wart, which needs to previously be covered with unsalted pork fat. Place a bandage over the garlic and repeat the procedure several days in a row.

     Banana peel – Cut a small piece of banana peel and cover the unwanted wart with the peel’s inner side. Put a bandage over the peel and repeated the procedure until the wart disappears.

     Dandelion juice – Break the fragile stem of dandelion and coat the wart with the white liquid. Apply a bandage over the liquid. The procedure needs to be repeated until a disappearance of the wart is achieved.

     Fig – Juices discharged by the fig plant can be very successful when it comes to removing an unwanted wart. Regularly, for a few days, you should coat the wart with the juice and put a bandage over it.

     Basil – Mash several leaves of this aromatic herb and use them in order to directly rub the skin with the wart. You can place the leaves directly onto the wart and place a bandage over it.

     St John’s wort – Prepared in a form of a syrup (30 grams of St. John’s wort leaves simmer for half an hour on low heat with a glass of olive oil. After standing still for 2 hours strained the liquid). Place the resulting syrup over the wart for several days in a row until the warts disappear.

     Potato and onion – Run the unwanted wart with a freshly cut potato several times during the day, for at least two weeks in a row. You can also use freshly cut onion for removing unwanted warts.

      SalivaIt may sound unbelievable but from our own experience we tell you that it works. In the morning, as soon as you wake up, before getting up from the bed, moisten your finger with saliva gathered overnight in the mouth and coat the wart. Repeat the procedure for a few days (me I needed three) and you will be amazed at the quick results.

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