Nettle And Egg Yolk Against Hair Loss


          There are several natural remedies that you can make on your own and use them in order to prevent hair loss.

  1. The firstremedy is consisted ofanegg yolk which you need to scramble, and add in it a teaspoon ofrum andoneteaspoon ofcastor Use the resulting mask to massage the crown of the headand let the mixture to act for at leastthree hours. After that you need to wash the hair with water in which you have previously squeezed some lemonjuice.This treatment needs to be done oncea week.
  2. The otherremedy is made of Mix 100gramsof nettlerootin a liter ofbrandy orliterof 70%alcoholandallow the resulting mixture to stand still foreightdays before use.After thatthe contentis pouredinto another container. Add a few drops ofcastoroil in the container. Use this mixture in order to gentlymassage theroot ofhair everyday.
  3. The thirdremedy is also made of Namely, you have toboil 100grams of nettleinhalf a liter ofwater for 20minutes. The mixture is leftto stand still foreight hours.Strain the resulting liquid and itadd 200grams of winevinegar in it.This mixture needs to be used for massaging theroots of your hair eachevening.

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