New Method : Scientist On Good Trail To Find Leucemia Tretman Medicine


         The scientists from “Fred Hutchinson” cancer reserch center in Sietl , found new revolutionary method for acute limfoblastic leucemia tretman. This method  is still in beginning phase of researching, but first results give a hope that remedie for this most difficult disease today, will be appear on the sunlight vary soon.

        This therapy use pacient immunocells to atack cancer metastasis. Scientists treated  T-lymphocites, a kind of white blood cells, whit some special molecules who help them to recognise and attack  a cancer cells, than by the blood infusion to be returned to the pacient body. The molecules who is used in this way are known like antigene chimeras obtained from special genetic modificated mices.

        The great results from research are the main reason why this method give a chanse. Up to 94% of this clinical researching participants who was under treatment, shown no symptoms of leucemia Pacients who participated in this successful treatment were in the last phase of illness , with two to five monts live prediction, that make this method so outstanding. ” To obtain results like this from patients in advanced phase of illness, sincerely, in the medicine is never seen before . Nevertheless, till final solution the long way stay ahead of us”. said Stanley Riddell, immunotherapy researcher and oncologist lider of research.


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