No Popcorn In The Microwave!


      Everytime vatching the movies , somehow subconsciously associated with snacking on popcorn. There was a time we know that popcorn is considered one of the healthiest snacks but if prepared at home, the old, traditional, healthy and already well- proven way.

     We recommend that when you are in market, no more and never reaching for popcorn packages intended for cooking in the microwave, since it greatly harmful to the body and of course to your health. Instead of that, select the packages that are sold whole grain corn, of which you will  prepare healthy popcorn at home.

     What you need to know about popcorn intended for in microwave ovens ?

     The shell which packed grains of corn destined for the microwave oven, as well as other types of packaged and fast foods contain perfluorochemicals – ingredient, which is very harmful and which causes different diseases of the reproductive system that is scientifically proven to cause various types cancer. When this harmful ingredient will melt under the influence of heat from the microwave oven, immediately sticking themselves on popcorn that are inside the bag. Then through them is inserted in the body and stays there very long. It is thought that this harmful ingredient classified as a plastic and therefore can’t quickly and easily be processed and removed from the body. Also artificially induced buttery taste that lures all buyers is caused by another harmful chemical compound that is placed in the interior of the bag. It is known under the name of diacetyl, which is directly related to lung damages.

      Consumption of these harmful popcorn causes various health disorders , causes digestive diseases, allergies to certain types of food, lung diseases, disrupts the normal function and operation of the thyroid gland, causing tumors and other cancers. The next time you decide to watch a movie, prepare your own popcorn and not risk of developing some of these diseases. The time for preparation is thus a little longer, but the popcorn will be healthy and nutritious because it will be seasoned with natural spices and no chemicals and artificial additions will be made ​​of natural and healthy way.

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