Maximum Spread! OMEPRAZOLE: The Gastric Protector That Ends Your Health


Gastric acid buildup can be a serious problem if not treated on time. Numerous people have this issues and search for various prescribed medicines in order to treat it. One of the most common is the omeprazole, which is a very harmful drug because it limits the capacity of the body to absorb the vitamin B12 if consumed for a long period of time.

Lack of Vitamin B12 might lead to:

  • Anemia
  • Depletion in our red blood cell count
  • Depression
  • Dementia
  • Anxiety
  • Damage to our central nervous system

Sometimes, after great consumption of medicines or undergoing therapies, the good bacteria in our intestines can get out of control so we need to regulate our gut flora, otherwise we can face severe intestinal problems. Unfortunately, there is a bad news for the those who take omeprazole on a regular basis:

  • Omeprazole provokes fast calcium loss in the bodies, causing osteoporosis, a condition where a person is easily disposed to fractures or broken bones
  • A calcium deficiency can provoke muscle issues
  • At the same time, it can increase the risk of respiratory problems, including breath deficiency, difficulties in breathing, wheezing, congestion, and hyperventilation.
  • Chronic fatigue occurs as a result of reduced amount of red blood cells that are responsible for transporting the oxygen within the whole body

In a study conducted by the Kaiser Permanent Institute based in the U.S. A. where more than 26,000 test subjects were monitored on a daily basis how they consume different amounts of omeprazole, it turned out that those who take omeprazole had a high risk of vitamin B12 deficiency by 65%, in comparison to those who didn’t take it. So, we can deduce that omeprazole is extremely harmful for human’s health.


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