Onion – Food, Spice And Medicine


        Onion is one of the oldest vegetables known to mankind. There are several varieties of this round vegetables: yellow, red ( spicy and less severe ), white , pearl onions and mild. It is used as an additive or spice in all the world’s cuisines. It can be found in fresh, frozen, canned and dehydrated condition and powder. This vegetable can be used in almost any type of food. You can eat fried or fresh in salads and as a spice. Depending on the type, the onion can be sharp or mild taste. Onions are very healthy vegetables. The bulb of the onion contains valuable medicinal substances and can be used as a natural remedy for many ailments . The diet used all year: young ( green) onion, in spring , young onions, summer and mature onions in the winter. Since nutrients onions contain many carbohydrates in small amounts plant proteins and fats. But the real value of eating onions originated the content of vitamins and minerals. He is a veritable treasure trove of vitamins , minerals , trace elements, plant hormones … Contains potassium, sulfur, vitamins B1, B2 , C, K, P, beta carotene. Onions in the body act like insulin.

      It is thought that onions help a wide range of diseases, from the common cold , until heart disease , diabetes , osteoporosis , rheumatism and other diseases. It contains chemicals that are believed to have anti-inflammatory , antiholesterolski , anticancer and antioxidant properties. One of these chemical compounds, of which attributable to many useful properties is quercetin . Quercetin has anticancer effects. He belongs to the group plant pigments called flavonoids that are dissolved in water. It acts like an antihistamine and has anti-inflammatory characteristics. Among the many evident effects of quercetin and powerful antioxidant properties . Reduces the oxidation of LDL ( bad cholesterol ), that protects the heart.

     The large number of studies suggest that quercetin may have anti-cancer properties. Quercetin as a dietary supplement is becoming more popular. Quercetin is considered a phytoestrogen ( plant substance with simulation features like the hormone estrogen). It is believed that some phytoestrogens have antiestrogenski effect , which can lead to reduced risk of certain types of cancer ( breast cancer, prostate cancer ). Laboratory tests demonstrated that quercetin has antiestrogenska activity.

     Laboratory tests of the Mayo Clinic suggest that kvercentin may help in the treatment of prostate cancer because it blocks the male hormones that stimulate the growth of prostate cancer cells. According to other studies, onions helps in the treatment of inflammation of the prostate men with prostate inflammation ( prostatitis ), which are take quercetin reduced the urinary symptoms.

      For people who ate foods containing quercetin and other flavonoids observed reduced risk for lung cancer , gastric , and pancreatic cancer. The results of the tests suggest that flavonoids constant consumption herbal products containing quercetin may represent a high protective effect of lungs cancer. Some studies have shown that increased consumption with onions leads to a reduction of the risk of getting cancer of the head and neck.

      The onions are many compounds acting bactericidal, ie combat bacteria and other microorganisms, which are causes of various inflammations. Bacteriostatics in onions give its curative capacity. Therefore often recommended for cold, cough, acute and chronic bronchitis, asthma and other inflammatory diseases. In addition, onions and purifies the blood, purifies the blood vessels and prevents atherosclerosis. In a word, onions healthy food and natural medicine.

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