Oregano As A Cure


        The last twenty years we have witnessed a sudden increase in interest in natural medicine. At the International Congress of Integral Medicine In Salzburg 2003. , oregano was presented ass a useful medicinal herb with various healing properties, which are the subject of increased investigating. Essential oil of oregano and its aromatic components are healing. Studies of the biological activity showed a wide range of antibacterial, fungicidal, antiviral and antioxidative properties. At first the oil of oregano was used in aromatherapy. Today, more and more popular and oregano used dry in powder, in capsules, as well as in the form of an oil which was applied to the skin or be eaten. In folk medicine used as a natural Antibotik except as a means of coughing, followed by the expansion of the bronchi and anticonvulsants, for sinusitis, especially chronic sore throat, non-specific ear infections, bladder cancer, colds, viruses, flu symptoms and long-term with the nose. Jennifer Billing and Paul Sherman of Cornell University in New York found out that oregano kills 100 percent of the colonies of some thirty kinds of bacteria “in vitro” aeruginusa involving Pseudomonas, Listeria monocytogenes, Staphylococcus Aureus and albus and Bacillus anthracis There are studies of oregano influences on bacteria and other mikroroganizme.

       American physician Harry Preuss from Georgetown University in the experiments on mice proved that oregano shows inhibitory activity on bacterial growth specifically on staphylococcus species as much as the standard antibiotics. According to the data of the Foundation for prolonging life has been proved that oregano oil stops the growth of staphylococcus “in vitro” just like streptomycin, vancomycin and penicillin. The same author later performed the experiment with yeast Candida albicans, and also proved that oregano positive effect on slowing their growth, both locally on the skin and in systemic infections.

       This confirms the findings of studies Doctor Cass Ingram and others and indicated that daily use of oregano ie. oreganola P73 can prevent candidiasis development. According to the book “Beyond Antibiotics”, Michael Schmidt and the advantage of essential herbal oils in halting microorganisms is that bacteria can develop resistance to them as opposed to classical antibiotics. Many essential plant oils ,and so from oregano, inhibit bacteria on its respiratory level, while classic antibiotics block its metabolism, which Bacteria avoid that by mutation. The active substances in oregano have these effects are called carvacrol and thymol, and belong to the group of phenol. Essential oil of oregano is the strongest know herbal antiseptic, and even 21 times stronger in antiseptic effect of phenol that was used to sterilize hospital equipment. Greek experiments showed that oregano kills bacteria in septic water and on this way water  is sterilized.

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