The Oxygen Bomb: place this wherever you want to clear toxins and negative energy from the air in your home


If there is one thing that grade school thought us – it is that plants take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen. However grade school didn’t teach us that some plants have the ability to do so much more, for example purify the air.

Down below we have a list of the best plants for purifying the air in your home and eliminate toxins and dust from your household.

Air Purifying Plants

  1. Aloe vera

Aloe Vera is mainly known for its healing benefits however some people also call it “an oxygen bomb” because of its incredible ability to increase the oxygen levels in your home and absorb carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide better than other plants. Aloe Vera is a tropical plant that needs wel drained soil and light, and avoid watering it often.

  1. Peace lily

Peace lily isn’t just pretty to look at, it is also amazing for ridding the air of benzene, formaldehyde, xylene, ammonia and trichloroethylene. It was the number 1 plant on NASA’s list for best air-purifying plants. The plant can thrive in some shade and weekly watering.

  1. Spider plant

The spider plant is a common houseplant that thrives in indirect sunlight. It effectively filters the air in a 200 square meter area of toxins such as carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide and gasoline.

  1. Estragon

Estragon is a great plant suitable for anyone that wants a clean air but can’t spend too much time taking care of a plant. The plant is able to thrive on little light and is easy to grow.

  1. English ivy

English ivy can efficiently eliminate as much as 60% of the toxins and 58% of feces particles in just 6 hours. Just 4 hours of direct sunlight a day will get the job done and make your plant thrive. N

NOTE: If you’re an owner of a cat, dog or any other house animal, make sure you put it out of rich since it can be toxic for them.

  1. Chrysanthemum

Not only is it able to remove benzene, but it has also been shown to remove up to 90% of formaldehyde in just 20-24 hours! Place the plant next to a window on direct sunlight to stimulate the purifying effect and you’ll see why this plant isn’t just pretty.

  1. Golden pothos

The golden pothos plant is virtually indestructible unless you really try. It is considered to be one of the best air purifies since it reduces the levels of benzene and trichloroethylene. Bright indirect light should get the job done and help you breathe easily.

According to NASA, every household should have at least 15-18 air-purifying plants in an area of 500 square meters. Not only do they brighten the décor but they also improve indoor the life quality of your indoors.


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