How To Get Rid Of The Pain In The Back And Neck Permanently


In order to eliminate back and neck pain, you must exercise regularly and maintain active. Our fast pacing lives are resulting in more health issues such as neck pain that are simply hard to avoid.

If your sleeping mattress is older than 5 years – immediately get a new one. It will improve your back, quality of sleep and eliminate the neck pain.

You must walk a minimum of 30 minutes every day.

Avoid lifting heavy objects. If you must – crouch first and lift with your thigh muscles.

Here are some reasons which back pain can be caused by:

  • Stretching
  • Dislocation
  • Fractured bones in the hand
  • Stiff shoulders/Unstable shoulder joints

Causes of Neck Pain

Neck pain can be both chronic and acute.

Some of the main causes of neck pain be:

  • Poor sitting posture
  • Poor sleeping posture
  • Lack of physical activity
  • Sitting for a long period of time

Ways to Treat Back Pain at Home

Back pain can easily be treated with acupuncture or hot and cold compresses. The hot and cold compresses are a better recommended one and should be repeated every 2-3 hours. Simply apply the cold compress, and immediately after that apply the hot compress. This will relieve the pain.

You will also need to exercise properly. Make walking your everyday routine.

Regularly get massages as they will not only treat pain but relax your overall body as well.

Change your sleeping position as well as the sleeping pillow. Get a pillow that best matches your sleeping position and shape of head and neck. Such pillows are the ones with memory foam.

NOTE: It is important to change feather pillows after some time.

Avoid high and hard pillows since they’re fixed at the neck and usually result in neck pain.

If you’re travelling often, make sure you’re using a horseshoe pillow for neck stability, support and extra comfort.

It is highly important that you eliminate the daily stress and think of positive things. This will also subconsciously eliminate some of the pain. Try practicing yoga and meditation.


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