How To Use Papaya Leaf Juice To Treat Dengue Fever In 48 Hours


You might have heard of it before, but if not – Dengue fever is an extremely serious fever that is spread and caused by mosquitoes and can have some serious consequences and side-effects.

But wait, before you start panicking and buying all sorts of pest sprays, you need to know that there is a completely natural and cheap treatment for this serious fever – the papaya leaves juice.

The juice is simple and easy to prepare but it works wonders in treating this severe condition.

If you still have problems believing the incredible properties of the remedy here are some facts about the papaya leaves.

The papaya leaves are high in essential proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, calcium, phosphorus and iron. They are also abundant in papain and chymopapain – enzymes that raise the platelet dramatically.

Many people have tried out the papaya leaves remedy and have benefited from it in many ways. Here are two stories of those people that were told by a doctor from India.

The first story involves a 30-year old woman that caught the dengue fever and developed an extremely bad condition in just 72 hours. Her platelets count fell down to a number of 28,000 which eventually turned her immune system against her.

Her friend saw that her condition was getting worse every minute, so he offered her juice from papaya leaves. The juice immediately caused her platelet number to jump up high in only 24 hours. This eventually caused the fever to decrease and after just a few days, she was completely cured.

The second story involves a young boy that was urgently hospitalized because of his horrific low platelet count of 15,000. His condition was so serious that not even blood transfusions of 15 liters were approved. But luckily, his father’s friend suggested him the papaya leaves juice in time. His extremely low number of platelet jumped to 135,000 in just 20 hours. The boy was cured almost immediately which left most of the hospital staff confused and amazed.

Now that you’ve heard these two amazing stories, it is time for us to show you how to prepare it and consume this amazing miraculous juice.

Ingredients you’re going to need:

  • 2 raw papaya leaves

How to prepare it:

Remove the leaves’ stems and fibrous portions, and squeeze the juice out.

How to use the juice:

Consume the juice directly, twice a day in order to improve your condition extremely fast.

Bonus remedy: Papaya Leaf paste

Another quick remedy for the dengue fever is papaya leaf paste. It works just as fast and efficient as the papaya leaves juice.

Ingredients you’re going to need:

  • 2 tbsp of fruit juice (your choice)
  • 3 raw papaya leaves

How to prepare it:

Take the 3 papaya leaves and put them in a food processor and process them until you get a paste mixture. Add the fruit juice of your choice and mix the two ingredients well.

How to use the Papaya Leaf paste:

Consume this paste twice a day for 7 days, and your dengue fever will be completely cured!


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