People’s Personality As An Important Factor When Choosing A Diet


          According to recent scientific researches, people’s personality is taken as an important factor when choosing a proper diet. People who are overweight are classified into several categories: compulsive, impulsive, anxious and emotional personality types. If you find yourself in any of them, learn how to access to losing excess weight most efficiently.

o-HEART-DIET-facebook          Compulsive type – want to resolve things in a way that suits them and feel anxiety when something is not going according to their imagination. They need a healthy diet with calories, rich in carbohydrates, conducting regular cardio training that will promote the level of serotonin, the hormone of happiness and good mood, and will reduce stress and anxiety. This group of people have success with diets based on proteins.


           Impulsive type – often interrupt others when they speak, easily upset and have trouble concentrating. These types of people are advised to drink lots of green tea and to regularly do cardio training and meditate frequently, often to consume chicken and turkey meat, a young cow cheese and yogurt. This group of people achieves the best results with protein diets.


         Anxious type – have a lack of confidence, are prone to panicking, suffering from frequent headaches caused by stress. These people are recommended macrobiotic and vegetarian dishes, as well as the increased levels of vitamins B6 and C, and they need glutamine and magnesium in order to maintain weight. They also need to use as less nicotine, caffeine and alcohol as possible and enter more nuts, citrus, rice and broccoli.


          Emotional type – are seen as singles and these kind of people are shy and pessimists. Have lack of energy and confidence. We recommended diet typical for Mediterranean climate – fish, grains, fresh vegetables and fruits. These people need to enter omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin D. Friendship helps these people to improve their mood and to faster to lose weight.

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