Eating Pinch Of Turmeric Is Like Workout For A Whole Hour


Although it might seem incredible, research has shown that eating just one pinch of turmeric has the same effects as working out for 1 hour. It efficiently keeps the cardiovascular system healthy.

Medical experts are often recommending turmeric since many studies have proven its health benefits.

It significantly lowers the risk of heart attack after bypass surgeries as it contains polyphenol by the name of curcuma that improves the work of the heart.

32 women in menopause participated in a study. The women were divided into 3 groups:

  • Women who ate curcuma
  • Women that worked out
  • Women that didn’t do any of the above

The first group of women consumed 150 mg turmeric every day, and the second group did aerobic 3 times per week as well as cycling and walking. The study lasted 8 weeks and both of the groups had shown great results as their strict schedules benefited their blood vessels.


We hope that this will be a decent motivation for many people to start eating turmeric and work out. This incredible ingredient can help treat more than 600 issues. Although curcuma cannot completely replace working out, it will provide incredible effects if taken alongside exercises.

Another study focuses on turmeric’s effects on stress tolerance and workouts. The study was done on post menopause women with heart issues. The results of the study showed that workout combined with curcuma reduced the ventricular issues as well as hypertension.

Turmeric is also excellent at reducing pain and inflammation after workouts.


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