Placebo Effect

Placebo - Pill with No Medicinal Effects in Control Group of Stu

           The placebo effect is a phenomenon where a medical treatment results are caused by the ideas of the patient on how the treatment is effective. The term is used especially when the patient dramatically responds to physiologically inactive treatment. Inactive drugs used to induce a placebo effect are called placebo medication; inert “sugar” pills and fake surgery interventions are typical examples.

          The placebo effect is linked with positive mindset and is very closely connected to the human’s subconscious. When someone is sick they are in a stressful situation, have negative thoughts that may affect their health state. Another example is when a doctor tells us there is nothing wrong, and he recommends medications and is simply confident in its forecast, we completely trust him, which is normal, because he is a professional. However, our own trust in him makes us relief, we create positive thoughts that manage to cure the disease, then the whole thing in the placebo effect is positive in our thinking in terms of disease, every negative thought makes it worse, and every positive thought makes it better. Of course, the secret is in the faith. There are a lot of cases in which due to the positive mindset, people manage to overcome the disease by causing healing.

         The 2 following examples are confirmation for the placebo effect:

         1st Example:

            If you have a headache and ask someone for a pill, they can simply give you pill-like shaped candy. You will drink the “pill” and your headache will be gone because you thought it was supposed to.

        2nd example:
You take weight loss pills. In order to gain the best results you will eat less and start exercising. There you go, you have the expected results. Did the weight loss happen due to the pills or just because of you?

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