Plant Of Salvation: Used As Medicine Long Before Of Discovery Of Antibiotics!


        Sage used as a medicinal herb has a thousand years, and today it is used for production of  mentioned medicaments and preparations beacause sage act as broad-spectrum antibiotic. Bitter aromatic plant very successfully used against inflammation of the throat and tonsils, thanks to the antiseptic action of the essential oils. Sage tea is recommended for all who have problems with gum disease and ulcers, as well as those who suffer from ginigivitis. Until they were discovered antibiotics, sage tea is used in sore throat, hoarseness, inflammation of internal organs, and fungal infections, and more. In medical terms, Sage is an antibiotic with a broad spectrum.

       Effective against dandruff – Some herbalists do not recommend sage tea drinking but only for washing, and if it is intended for internal use, Sage should be boiled to evaporate the essential oil. Name of sage Salvia comes from Latin word salvare, which means to save, to heal. Affect the process of digestion and excretion of bile. Breastfeeding mothers who want to stop breastfeeding, use daily to stop the milk. Sage apply for relaxation, anxiety, tension and dizziness. Sage and ingredient in creams against various skin infections and anti – dandruff shampoos.

      How Sage does – Sage acts as an antiseptic and apply to gargle , rinse the throat with his inflammation in sores … Also acts antimicrobial and antispasmodic (relaxes smooth muscles). Reduces the secretion of sweat and saliva, and it regulates perspiration. Thanks to the property prevents the development of viruses, applies in fat against herpes. It is used for inhalation in asthma, bronchitis, and the infection of the airways. Before use you should consult a doctor.

     How to use – Sage used in the form of tea, essential oil. For internal use, a tablespoon of sage tea is poured a glass of water and boil for 3 to 5 minutes, for external  use (aid) is not digested, but pour boiling water, cover and let stand for half an hour, then strain and rinse several times a day.

     Sage tea is good for :

  • To strengthen the immune system and the body;
  • As a natural antibiotic against various bacteria;
  •  Agains fungal infections;
  • Again inflammation of the oral cavity and throat;
  •  To treat hoarseness;
  •  To treat abdominal cramps;
  •  In difficulty emptying the gallbladder;
  •  Improves digestion;
  •  Improves blood;
  •  Increases appetite;
  •  Reduces anxiety and tension;
  •  Cleans teeth and strengthens the gums.

     It is undesirable to use by: pregnant women, nursing mothers, epileptic.

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