These 5 Plants For Your Bedroom Will Help You Sleep Better

p4One of the biggest global problems in latest times it seams to be insomnia or problems with sleeping. That is why people try to find solution for this huge problem that is affecting almost all of us, for which we are spending sometimes huge amounts of money. Even though many people like to opt out of taking medication, sometimes it seams like that is the only option they have. And when that is not working, here are few suggestions what to do to get better sleep and get rested.

Most people are not aware that the quality of air has a lot to do with the quality and quantity of sleeping. Mold, especially black mold, dust, smells and many other factors can be the reason for the lack of irregular sleep and also a reason for many diseases. Many times throughout modern history people tend to refuse taking medicine made in a laboratory and lean on the old fashion medicine provider – Mother Nature. Herbs and plans as always are the root for all remedy, including purifying the air at home and in the nature. After reading this informative text, make the next step. Go out and get some plants, and you will see amazing result after a shot time period. You will notice that you have better mood, headache relief, better brain function, less anxiety, better smelling home, reduced stress and better air quality. And when the season for fly and colds arrive, you will be safe as well.

Here we are giving you 5 suggestions of plant to get, so your sleep will be improved and bring you more health benefits.

  1. Snake Plant – This type of plant is getting ever so popular when it comes to indoor plants. It has the ability to produce huge amounts of oxygen, filters the air very quickly and helps a lot with respiratory problems and sensitive eyes (eye irritations).
  2. English Ivy Plant – In case you have breathing problems or you have asthma, this plant is number one in air purifying plants. It is recommended by NASA because it can reduce the airborne mold up to 94%.
  3. Jasmine Plant – Not only this plant cleans the air, it also produces amazing smell. It is also used in Arabic perfumes as well as French perfumes because its aroma therapy reduces anxiety and the quality of sleep is brought up to a new level.
  4. Lavender Plant – This is an amazing plant. Not only the plant it self is useful as an aroma therapy plant, but also the lavender oil can be used in many ways. It can be used against anxiety and stress relive and can be very beneficial in case your baby has problems sleeping as well or it constantly cries. A simple tip – get a handful of dried lavender and place it in a cotton pillowcase-like form and place it inside your pillow. While moving thought the night it will produce perfume-like aroma that will make your sleeping much better.
  5. Aloe Vera Plant – This is one of the rarest plants that during the night emits oxygen instead of carbon dioxide and is perfect plant for the bedroom. It is also know as the plant of immortality and it heals insomnia, and generally improves sleeping. It also have a lot of uses in the day to day life.


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