Forget The Silicones: Six Plants That Cause Breasts Growth


New trends always bring new needs. Therefore, numerous women opt for going under the knife aka. plastic surgery in order to get the always wanted size of their breasts. Anyway, once more, it seems like nature provides the best possible remedies, as always.

In this article we will reveal 6 plants that are extremely beneficial when it comes to increasing your breast size completely naturally. You can read bellow and learn which plants we are talking about:


This is undoubtedly the best and most beneficial plant in this case. It originates from Greece.

All you have to do is put it in some water and let it soak overnight. The very next day you ought to massage your breasts area using the same water in which the seeds were soaking. You can find and purchase fenugreek in any herbal pharmacy.


This one is a Chinese herb that is highly rich in ingredients that accelerate growth of the breast. Therefore, if you want to increase your breast size, you should start using it right away.


Fennel is yet another useful plant that can help you solving this problem of yours. It contains phytoestrogens. This ingredient stimulates breast growth as well as milk production in mothers who are breast-feeding. Moreover, the plant is rich in di anethole, anethole and photo anethole which increase estrogen secretion in the organism and is well known to reduce colic in babies.


This is a very beneficial plant and it contains the same ingredients as the previous one. Therefore, it can provide the exact same effects.

Pueraria Mirifica

This plant grows in Thailand and is mostly used as a part of all kinds of anti-aging products. However, Pueraria Mirifica is also used as an active ingredient in pills and creams for increasing the size of the breast.

Greater burdock

Greater burdock consumption can increase blood flow in the breast tissue and will make your reproductive organs function better than before.


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