Powerful Natural Remedy That Is Efficient Against Severe Diseases


        The famous Russian scientist Hristo Mermerski highly recommends the most powerful natural remedy, which is effective and cures the most severe disease. This remedy cleans blood vessels, heals the heart, restores immunity and cleanses the liver and kidneys. It also improves brain function and memory, protects against heart attack and can completely heal those who have experienced a stroke or heart attack. The drug is the best remedy against all types of cancers.

        The ingredients you will need are: 15 lemons, 12 bulbs of garlic, 1 kg of homemade natural honey, 400 grams of sprouted wheat (young green wheat) and 400 grams of walnuts.

        First put the wheat in a glass bowl and then pour the water in the bowl and leave everything to stand still throughout the night. After 12 hours drain the water through gauze and rinse the wheat. After that you need to strain the wheat through gauze once again. Let the drained wheat stand still in the bowl for 20 hours. The sprouted wheat, nuts and garlic heads are ground together. Then grind the 5 lemons, together with their peel and mix everything well. Squeeze the juice from the remaining 10 lemons and mix it with the previous mixture. Finally add the honey and give the mixture a good stir using a wooden spoon. The resulting remedy is placed in a glass jar and is left in the refrigerator for 3 days.

        Consume one or two tablespoons of this remedy half an hour before breakfast, lunch and dinner and before going to bed. However, if you need this remedy for treating cancer, you need to consume one or two tablespoons on every two hours.

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