Powerful Prevention And Aid In The Treatment Of Cancer: This Vitamin Is Essential For You!


      In cancer affected cells  this vitamin first injected glucose, and then cyanide and benzaldehyde formed from glucose produce a toxin that destroys the cancer cell.

      Have you ever heard that vitamin B17 is one of the most powerful vitamin?!

     The power given to him by his constituents , cyanide and glucose, which jointly destroy the cancer cells .Therefore, vitamin B17 or Laetrile is a great fighter against cancer! Naturally, it is in apricot seeds, within the hard pit.

      Research Center Sloan Catterini has long conducted research for a period of five years from 1972 to 1977, in which he highlighted five positive effects that vitamin B17 has when it comes to cancer treatment:

       – It stops the growth of tumors

       – Stop the spread of metastases in mice

       – Relieves pain

       – It acts as a preventive agent against cancer

       – Improves overall health and immune system of cancer patients.

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