Here Is How To Practice This Old Japanese Self-Relaxation Technique To Reduce Stress And Start Enjoying Your Life!


According to a number of recently conducted studies, there is a strong link between chronic stress and physical disorders such as anxiety, vomiting, nausea, stroke, depression, heart attack, weak immune system as well as developing certain diseases.

Whether we like it or not, stress is far more present than it should be in our daily fast-pacing lives. The majority of people that can’t find a way to manage their stress can suffer some serious health complications, unlike the people who do.

There are many different methods to successfully lower stress, from yoga, exercising and music, to massages and meditation. But in this article we’re going to present you one more technique. It is an ancient Japanese self-relaxation technique which provides incredible effects and can be practiced anywhere. It only takes 5 minutes, but it does wonders for you.

The technique revolves around the belief that each finger is connected to a different emotion or a feeling:

  • The Thumb is believed to treat anxiety and worry.
  • The Index finger helps in overcoming fears.
  • The Middle finger regulates the feelings of rage and bitterness.
  • The Ring finger can treat melancholy and depression.
  • The Little finger manages stress, lifts the mood and boosts self-esteem.

How to Perform This Technique

This techniques needs to be performed with the goal to create balance of all the opposing energy offers in the body. Grasp one finger at a time and wrap the next finger around it. Hold every finger for one to two fingers, until you feel the pulse.

To bring yourself in a deep state of relaxation, gently press the middle of your two palms and hold it like this for one minute.

This ancient technique will help you to better relax, manage stress and balance your spirit.



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