Preventive Action And Treatment Of Periodontal Disease


     Periodontal disease is a disease which affects the teeth third of the adult population. It is a chronic infection of the gums and jaw bone that occurs due to loss of teeth. Periodontal disease is the most common reason why falling out teeth in adults. The first symptoms are so slight, almost imperceptible, so the disease usually determines when it is already too late.

     How to come up with periodontal disease?

     Bacteria in the mouth are the biggest causes of periodontal disease. Improper diet and poor hygiene are the ways of their accumulation. First, there is gingivitis, or inflammation of the gums, and then to the formation of periodontal pockets and periodontal disease spreading to the entire supporting apparatus of teeth. The signs to look for are: too sensitive, swollen and inflamed gums, red or purple in color, the occurrence of frequent bleeding, the occurrence of purulent fistula on the gums between the teeth, painful teeth and gums, receding gums towards the root of the tooth, loosening of a tooth.

     In addition to the lack of hygiene occurrence of periodontal disease is caused by the decline in immunity, gnashing of teeth, diabetes, hereditary factors, smoking, aging. I inadequate prosthetic funds in the etiology of periodontal disease.

    Prevent the occurrence of periodontal disease

    When it comes to periodontitis good hygiene is the best prevention. Brush your teeth regularly and thoroughly. Use a toothbrush that has a medium-hard artificial fibers. In addition cleaning with  tooth brush is necessary to use dental floss to remove residual impurities between the teeth. Scale is one of the factors that open the way for the emergence of periodontal disease but with this he must keep clear. Regular dental examinations are of great importance.

     How to treat periodontitis?

     Method of treatment of periodontal disease depends on the stage where the disease is located. In the beginning of the disease is enough to remove tartar and dental plaque and thus make the elimination of the causes of infection. In the later stages of the disease, treatment may be carried out only through surgical intervention, which allows a longer duration of teeth.

     Several natural ways to treat periodontal disease

     In addition to conventional ways of treating the disease, which is often painful and laborious, there are several methods by which periodontitis can be treated completely natural and at home. Olive oil can be of great help. Rinsing the mouth with olive oil prevents the growth of bacteria, alleviate the severity of pain and inflammation. Essential oils towards his antibacterial activity can help in the treatment of periodontal disease.

     Lack of vitamin C and D contributes to the occurrence of this disease it is necessary to compensate them. Propolis is a miracle when the bacterial and viral infection in question, and therefore can be of great help in the treatment of periodontal disease. It is recommended to rinse the oral cavity with an aqueous solution containing 15-20 drops of propolis.

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