Proper Cleaning Children Ears



     Cleaning the ears in young children has always represented a problem to parents and aroused fear and the dilemma of how to properly work. The sticks do not come to mind.

     Measures for which usually intervene – cleaning ears sticks – is actually wrong. Not only is the cleaning of the ear canal swab or other object is unnecessary, but it is very dangerous: it can cause blockage of the ear, inflammation, and even rupture (bursting) of the eardrum – revealed Dr. Dušan Pavlović specialists from the Center for hearing and balance.

     He shared advice with us on proper care of the ears of children and rules for cleaning wax when it comes to the youngest.

     Cerumen protects – Cerumen , or earwax is Sebaceous glands in the skin of the ear canal which plays an important role in protecting the ear. There a misconception that the accumulation of cerumen is something bad.

     Proper cleaning – Parents should remove only the cerumen that is outside the ear canal, ie. the excess wax  just removed by ear himself.  Cleaning ears with swabs often achieve the opposite effect and cerumen more pushed into the sound channel, which then causes a blockage of the ear. Also , chopsticks may be a violation of the ear canal that has sensitive skin. In violation that often accompanied by bleeding or hematoma in the channel, frequent cleaning removes natural protection of the skin, and in the summer months comes easily to bacterial colonization, ie. skin infection channels. This condition is very painful and requires serious treatment. The worst damage using swabs it’s the violation of the eardrum, which may also require surgical treatment.

     Forget sticks – Cerumen is cleaned only superficially, with the entrance of the ear canal from ear lobes, ie. removes only the excess wax from the ear, which is just thrown out. Dr Dušan Pavlović strictly prohibits the use of sticks and states that they serve to babies nose clean, and that the hygiene of the ear consists only in cleaning the outer ear. It is also not advisable to use no hydrogen, no alcohol, no shampoo to clean the ear.

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