Psychological Brainwashing Techniques



      Brainwashing is mostly used in order for the entities that applied to be lead under full control, even to the extent that it reject the natural instinct for survival and to meet the demands that are placed (murders, thefts, massacres, if necessary suicide). There are two main manipulation techniques, psychological and chemical. Various psychological techniques for the control of the entity are used in the first one, and they are as follows:

  • Imitation: Repeat thelast wordsthatsomeonesaid, and he will be more opento youand your
  • Mantras and slogans: In religions are used hypnotic lyrics and songs. Urge people to constantly repeat the same thing, as some meaningless slogan, and you have managed to silence their inner thoughts, what you are doing is dominating over theirs with your own thoughts.
  • Isolation: Brainwashingcan be reallyeffectiveonan isolatedentity that receiveslittle orno external
  • Choice without choice: Offer several possible solutions that all lead to the same result. Tricking people into thinking they have some choices and participation in making any decision will increase their confidence and will make them even stronger about doing something.
  • Repetition: Repeat your own conviction or opinion and support it.
  • Fear: Trick people into thinking they are in danger and “save” them from that danger.
  • Logic: For each and every your demand you need to offer specific reason.
  • Go to extremes: Make people think everything is black and white. People who think in extremes are more susceptible to act as you want them to, unlike people who are inclined to think more thoroughly and objectively about the situation.


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