Reading Books Improves Quality Of Life


        Reading books undoubtedly improves quality of life. Reading offers mental stimulation, which keeps the brain active. The more you engage your brain, the stronger and healthier it will be and will serve you longer. Scientific studies confirm that regular book reading reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s disease in the elderly and slows progression of the disease. Books make us feel less bored and time passes very quickly once we are in the depth of a thrilling book. Reading also improves memory and is great exercise for concentration. In order to get into the core of the book, it is necessary to remember a lot of information that you come across while browsing from one page to the other, thus bolstering the intellectual capacity of the brain and improving memory. When reading, you must stay focused on the action if you do not want to lose the momentum in the book. Also, you will not allow the brain to be distracted and will improve your concentration.

       Books give you the opportunity to escape from everyday life, concerns, responsibilities, and to temporarily forget everything going on around. Reading is an effective method against stress as well. Only 6 minutes of reading while highly concentrated is sufficient to relieve stress by 68%. Each book feeds your brain with numerous information that make you wiser and more prepared for the adventure of life. With each turn of a page you enter into new world that breaks down boundaries set by the human mind. Analyzing thoughts and attitudes that do not match yours, inflames your imagination and your creativity increases. Reading strengthens the parent-child relationship. When reading to your kids a bedtime story you are actually strengthening the relationship and spend quality time with your loved ones. Books not only create new friendships, but they are an inexhaustible source of conversations with old friends.




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