Reasons For Break Up Of A Relationship Or Divorce

fighting couple

         Although studies show that money and sex are the most common reasons for break up or divorce, but according to psychologists there are five reasons because of which often comes to break up of the relationship or divorce. Here are those 5 reasons: lack of time enjoying entertainment activities, the general preoccupation with work and everyday fast lifestyle, insufficient desire for indulgence and fetched depending on the partner.

        Psychologists unanimously agree that the breakdown of a relationship or marriage is mostly affected by insufficient and inadequate communication between partners. Efficient communication between partners not only mean a peaceful exchange of information and feelings, but also the freedom to effectively argue with the other side without fear that he or she will be seriously upset and will immediately leave. Partners at the beginning of the love story are much more flexible and more willing to adapt to the needs of others than in long-term relationships. This is why the need for counseling before marriage in order to openly discuss the differences between the partners is increased.

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