Recipe For Cleansing The Blood Of Fats


       Unhealthy lifestyle, poor diet, and lack of physical activity increase the level of fat in the blood. Too much fat in the blood will, slowly but surely, lead to problems related to blood vessels that can result in bad health condition.

      If you have a problem with fat you can make an easy and simple remedy that will help you to cleanse the blood and improve your health condition in general. In order to prepare the remedy you will only need two ingredients: dried figs and apple cider vinegar.

      Method of preparation:

     The drug needs to be made at night, and consumed in the morning. Take 3 dried figs and pierce them with a toothpick from all sides. Then soak the figs in a glass container in which you have previously put 2 dl of apple cider vinegar. If you put the vinegar in the container at 8p.m., you need to eat the figs next morning at 8 a.m.

     Do not dispose the remaining apple cider vinegar. Instead you can use it for the next preparation. You can use the amount of 2 dl of apple cider vinegar in the next 7 days. On the eighth day you will need to take new batch of apple cider vinegar and repeat the procedure for another whole week. Meanwhile it is recommended to eat as healthy as possible and increase your physical activity.

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