Remedies For Bacteria In The Stomach – Many Helped


     Bacterias in the stomach today are very common in humans. They are treated long and difficult, therefore medicine used various strong antibiotics. On this occasion we present a cure for people from public forums who claims that really helped.

     Figs with olive oil is a real natural remedy for combating bacteria in the stomach.

     The preparation of the natural remedy is simple. In a glass bottle or jar put 40  dried figs and pour them with 1 liter of virgin olive oil. To better discharge of medicinal substances in the oil, figs can be cut into four parts. Close the jar or bottle in which you placed the figs and oil and leave to stand for 40 days.

     After that time every morning on the empty stomach take one fig and one teaspoon of olive oil which stood figs.

     Despite figs must be adapted and nutrition.

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