Russian Psychologist Describes Powerful Technique On How To Avoid Fighting With Other People

beautiful young couple sitting on a sofa
beautiful young couple sitting on a sofa

          The Russian psychologist Alexander Svijash explains how to act if your partner, friend, colleague, boss or neighbor start fights with you, which you want to avoid. This is simple, tested method that really gives good results.

  1. Remember- it takes two to start a fight. Whensomeoneaddresseswith aggressive tone, stay calm and analyzewhat that personactuallyand really needs(deepreason),what that person lacks,what he/she expectof you, and maybe you will find what started the fight in the first place. That person may has a lack ofconfidence, trust, love, warmthand attention,fear of something…
  2. Quietly in your thoughts give that person what it needs. For this you will need lot of calmness, strong character and tolerance. Do not respond to the provocations of that person, behave normally and repeat it many times in your mind what you send that person: “I send you understanding (trust, love, confidence, optimism, they accept you as you are). “That person will subconsciously receive your gift and will calm down for a while. Do not expect any gratitude. Make yourself satisfied with getting what you want – that person gets good vibes, and you get your peace.

           Note: This method must not be applied in cases of violence and abuse in the family and in your relationship with the partner. In such cases you it is necessary to immediately act, even physically, and if necessary legally in order to get away from the violent person.

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