These Seeds Kill Cancer Cells, Enhance Your Sleep, Rid Astigmatism And Much More


According to a few Spanish scientists, cucurbitacins which is found in pumpkin seeds have the capacity to kill cancer cells. Raw pumpkin seeds consist of numerous beneficial nutrients which improve the physical and mental health.

Because of their enormous anti-inflammatory capacity, cucurbitacins can be used for treatment of various types of cancers in the early stages. In addition, some scientists from Germany have found that pumpkin seeds are extremely good for women in menopause because they can reduce the risk of breast cancer. With a regular consumption of these seeds, you can reduce the chances of breast cancer development by 23%.

Pumpkin seeds contain manganese, magnesium, copper, calcium, potassium, iron, selenium, phosphorus, and many other minerals. Also, they are rich in fiber, which boosts digestion. Zinc and magnesium improve the nutrients absorption. Actually, that is the reason why pumpkin seeds are recommended to people suffering of nutrient deficiencies. If you include a few pumpkin seeds to your diet, they will lower the levels of sugar in the blood, strengthen your immune system, improve sleep, and boosts vision, and enhance skin complexion. Phytosterols and zinc, stops the expansion of abnormal prostate cancer cells and their further development in the later stages.

Moreover, the oil of pumpkin seeds is widely used in the treatment of prostate problems. Being rich in antioxidants and phytochemicals, pumpkin seed oil prohibits the cancer growth. It is advisable to have a bottle of this oil in your kitchen always because you can use it in your meals and salads. It’s high content of omega-3 fatty acids. But, you must not heat it since high temperatures kills the bio-availability of its components.

Always consume the pumpkin seeds raw. You can even roast them a little bit and you can add them in salads, or whenever it springs to your mind.


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