Sex As An Antidepressant

         Lack of sex greatly affects your health and your behavior. Both, negative thoughts and bad mood disappear immediately after sex. But the important point is that sex does not always involve two people, it means that masturbation is an option as well.


          When you have not had sex for a longer period of time you may notice you get more nervous, more contentious, there is a common migraine, stress, loss of appetite, decreased need for sleep, contradictory feelings about certain persons and frequent sexual fantasies.

          New York’s doctors claim that sex is the best antidepressant because it reduces stress, relaxes and positively affects the appearance of the skin. Regular sex reduces the risk of heart attack. It also strengthens the immune system, muscles, improves circulation and produces a feeling of happiness. During sex our brain releases a hormone of happiness that reduces stress and creates a feeling of euphoria. Sex also strengthens the relationship between partners, positively affects self-esteem and stimulates positive thinking and optimism. One study has confirmed that semen acts as an antidepressant. Women who have had sex without a condom turn out to be less depressed than those who use protection during intercourse. It has also been proven that people who have regular sex sleep better.


         Having sex when you are in the seventies helps in keeping brain activity, keeps the brain young and protects against brain diseases. This has been especially noted for the female population. So, in order to keep the mind healthier, you need to have more sex, researchers explain.

         Studies have shown that regular sex increases the lifetime. Those who have frequent orgasms have twice lower mortality rate, compared to those who have orgasms rarely. This is due to the fact that sex significantly reduces stress, which is the cause of many diseases.

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