5 Simple Exercises That Will Transform Your Body in Just Four Weeks

Nowadays, the majority of people rave about stress and health. Some people choose gym memberships, supplements, or special equipment, but others just keep it simple – they exercise and eat in small quantities, but healthy meals. The latter achieve better results because they include healthier habits into their lifestyle. In most of the times, the best solution is quite simple. You won’t need expensive foods, supplements, or equipment to lose weight. All you need is to do the following 5 exercises on a daily basis:

  1. Plank


Plank is one of the most effective exercises ever. It will provide you with strong shoulders and ripped abs. Begin with push-up position and have your elbows bent on the floor to 90 degrees. Make a straight line from feet to head by propping on your forefeet, elbows, and forearms. Stay like that as much as you can without doing any movement with your waist or butt.

  1. Push-ups


It will tone your entire body because it targets almost every muscle. Begin in a plank position, put your hands under your shoulders, and push your body up. Have a straight line with butt, back, and legs. Then, get back on the ground. Repeat.

  1. Squats


Squats will increase the fat burning process, build your calves, quads, and hams, and strengthen your core. Put your feet wide apart and stretch your arms in front of you. Then, start bending your knees slowly as you bring the hips backward. Keep your spine straight. Continue lowering yourself until you put your thighs parallel to the floor. Then, get back in the starting position by pressing the heels into the floor.

  1. Bird-Dog


Begin in a plank position and prop on your knees and hands. Then, extend simultaneously 1 leg and its opposite arm stay like that for several seconds. Then, bring your leg and arm down. Repeat the same movements with the other arm and its opposite leg. This exercise will improve your abs and lower back.

  1. Lying Hip Raises


If you want to build glute muscles and strong hamstrings, then this exercise is ideal for you. Lie on the floor and bend your knees. Put your feet flat on the ground and stretch your arms to your sides making a 45° angle. Squeeze the glute muscles and raise the hips as much as you can. Lower your body down gently and repeat.

The 4-Week Exercise Plan: It’s consisted of 2 different elementary workouts:

1st Workout:

1 minute – plank and push-ups

2 minutes – squats

1 minute – bird-dog

1 minute – lying hip raises

1 minute – plank and push-ups

2 minutes – squats

Have 10 seconds rest in between.

2nd Workout:

3 minutes – plank and bird-dog

3 minutes – lying hip raises

1 minute – push-ups

Have 15 seconds rest in between.

After 6-day workout plan, you have 1 rest day.

1st Week:

Day 1 – 1st Workout

Day 2 – 2nd Workout

Day 3– 1st  Workout

Day 4-  2nd Workout

Day 5– 1st Workout

Day 6– 2nd Workout

Day 7– rest

2nd Week

Day 1– 2nd Workout

Day 2– 1st  Workout

Day 3– 2nd Workout

Day 4– 1st  Workout

Day 5– 2nd Workout

Day 6– 1st  Workout

Day 7– rest

When you complete the 2nd week, get back to the 1st week, and then switch once again to 2nd week. This program will make your body tighter and stronger, and will improve your energy levels and health.

Source: healthandlovepage.com

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