Sings To Tell You If You Knew A Person In Your Previous Life


     It is assumed that there are three sings through which you can recognize whether you knew a person in your previous life.

  1. Familiar eyes

     Each of us has had an experience in which we look into the eyes of someone and have the feeling that we have seen those eyes a million times before, even though we have never met that person before. If we find someone’s eyes familiar, it may be because we have already seen them, but in a previous life. Some people believe that the eyes do not change from the first to the next birth, allowing us thus to recognize our spiritual companions from the previous life.

  1. Instant connection or repulsion

     Whenever you encounter a person who you knew from a previous life, you feel an immediate connection. But if you feel instant repulsion to some people, it is still a sign that you have known them before.

  1. Your connection is almost telepathic

     This telepathy rather refers to the belief that their ears “burn” if you talk about them. Or, maybe you think of this person and you get a message or a call from them at the same moment. Also you can always feel what they do or say. It is a relationship that is difficult to explain, but even more difficult to reject and/or ignore.



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