Before Sleeping, Have This Drink And Say Goodbye To The Fat


Since summer just arrived and the beaches on the sea side are full of people sunbathing and swimming, it is time to join them, don’t you think? If that belly fat, or those few extra pounds trouble you, follow the recipe that is listed bellow, and in no time you will be able to gain confidence and show off your newly gained body.

Usually the recipes for loosing weight are not long term, and because we know that common problem, we are suggesting this one, because it not only making you slimmer, but is also degrading the fat tissue, and will give you long term amazing results.

The only thing you should remember is that the drink should be taken in the last hours of the evening, just before going to bed. It is easy, simple and tasty drink, gives fast results, but they are long lasting.

Everyone who ever tried to loose weight, knows that the belly fat, also known as the muffin top, is the hardest fat to loose because that fat tissues is the most dense and those muscles are not exercised enough with daily routine, unlike the one the legs by walking. Drinking this beverage has the most positive side, it is working while you sleep. What can be better than that?

It may sounds strange, and you will question our suggestion to drink this beverage at night, but there is reason for that. During the day the metabolism is working faster than it works during the night, and the energy that we need is feeding by it as well. While during the night the human metabolism is in resting mode. So whatever we consume gives either positive or negative results. If eating sugar it will be few pounds plus, if drinking fat solvable drinks it will be few pounds minus.

But if you think that this is something like a magic potion, we must say it isn’t. The simplicity of its result are because of the ingredients combined, so they will utilized as much as possible.

We all know that some fruits have the ability to burn the human fat in very gentle but permanent way. This process will happen while sleeping and there is no other natural combination of ingredients like this one, that is literally melting the fat as you sleep.

One of the top ranked plant for the many uses it has and for its health benefits if of course its highness – Ginger. Mother nature took care of us and gave us this plant to enjoy in its taste and in the advantages it gives. It can be used in sweet and sour dishes, and since it has many uses, it is part of our fat burning drink. Those who consume ginger o  the regular basis will also notice difference and improvement in the metabolism and regular bowel.

In recent year the ginger is among the most commonly used plants. If you wonder why, there is a very simple reason. First of all it is very tasty, slightly sour and acidic. It calorie count is only 45 per piece of root, it is water based like every other healthy plant and it is extremely high in fibers. All of these positive aspects make the ginger so special.

This may not be surprising for many of you, but the next plant that is among the best ones and is counted also here with us and used in the recipes of course, Aloe Vera. Its best action is to cleanse the whole body, helps with inflammation, in case of sunburn, helps in case of constipation as well and collects the free radicals that are harming our body and help extract them. Together with ginger they make match made in heaven when it comes to fat burning.

Last but not least on out fat burning plants list are parsley and cilantro. So many of us use parcel and cilantro on a daily basis in you salads and cooked meals without even knowing what are the benefits of their consummation. They are rich in vitamins and minerals, and they have zero calories, which is pretty amazing. Most of you probably have them panted in your kitchen or in your garden in a pot, since they are very easy to plant and grow. If you do not have them on hand, they are very inexpensive, easy to find in all markets, even in the small ones and are very tasty. Everyone once in a while feels like bloated. Well we have good news, parsley and cilantro are the ones to consume because they are known and fat cleanses and relievers.

So, here are the ingredients needed for the preparation of this very simple recipe:

– 1 organic lemon

– 1 tablespoon of grated fresh ginger

– 1 tablespoon of aloe Vera juice

– 1 fresh organic cucumber

– 1 bunch of parsley and cilantro

– Half a glass of cooled water.

Method of preparation:

The preparation is easier than making your morning coffee. In a blender put all of the ingredients, pour the water, blend on fastest speed and pulse it so it will become smooth, drink it and prepare for a nice good night sleep.

Measure yourself before staring, and in a one month period you will se the amazing results of loosing fat, without lifting a finger. Cheers!

Half a glass of water

How? Just put everything from above in a mixer for juices and blend really well. Follow the simple night rule for this juice and see great results eventually.


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