Sleeping Pose And Your Personality

         Posture in which we sleep is closely related to the way of our life and our personality.


         One of the more common sleep positions is the position of “free fall”, lying on your stomach with your arms hugging the pillow and your head is turned on the side. These people wake up tense, feeling like they should deal with problems and tasks left over from the previous day during this day. However, these people belong in the group of open and direct people, and therefore they are mostly perceives as arrogant, although they have never bad bad intensions, because, basically, they are very sensitive.


         People, who often sleep in the “hug” position, sleep on the side with their arms placed forward. These are people who firmly pursue their plans and always strive for something. They are self-critical and do not give up things quickly. However, these people are suspicious and cynical at the same times, very confident and almost never change their opinion.


        “Fetus” position – bent to the side with knees drawn to their head. The thing that is characteristic for these people is that they often are concerned. People who sleep bent are usually conscientious and tidy. They are introverted, shy and sensitive. They need time to come together with someone, but when they get to it, they becoming very loyal.

sleep position soldier

          Another popular position is the “soldier”. People who sleep in this position lie on their back with their arms and legs fitting the body. Such people are stubborn, tough, characterized by persistence, but they lack flexibility. At the same time they are quiet, calm and reserved. These people are never dramatic and do not panic. However, they always set high standards for themselves and others.

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