Slight Melting Kidney And Gall Stones


      Sand or stone in the kidney and gall bladder is a problem that occurs fairly often, and it is mainly caused by the water and food we drink or eat. To try to avoid the difficult and intensive methods of conventional medicine, we present folk recipe for melting and throwing the stone from the body.

     Ingredients: 250 gr. powdered sugar, 0.25 l . natural olive oil, 250 gr. all lemon with rind, 250 gr. root parsley (minced), 250 gr. honey.

     Preparation: Wash the lemon, chop it into pieces and grind it in a blender. Root parsley peel, chop it into pieces and grind it like a lemon. In grinded  ingredients add the honey, olive oil and sugar powder and stir until mixture is completely smooth.

      Consume one tablespoon of this medication every morning on an empty stomach every night before going to bed. The mixture is required to keep in the refrigerator in a glass jar with lid to prevent  spoiling.

      To resolve most problems with sand or stones in the kidneys and bile need to drink two listed measures, but do not make them at once, to have product in good condition.

      Its composition has a pleasant taste and is healthy for other purposes, such as fighting against infections and bacteria. It is important to note that during treatment should drink more fluids.

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