Solution For Cold Fingers And Toes


     Tight blood vessels, lack of nutrients and cold are one of the most common causes of poor circulation in the fingers. A balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables, physical activity and other forms of body heat can help.

     Your fingers and toes are often cold ? The main reason is the reduced blood flow in the arms and legs. The reasons are varied, but the most common are unhealthy lifestyle, exposure to cold and inadequate nutrition.

     It is important to make an accurate diagnosis from your doctor, but you think the possible causes:

     Aging: Over the years, blood vessels may become rugged and tight. It considered the proper circulation, especially on the limbs. And this is the main reason why many aged people have cold hands and feet.

     Raynaud disease: At low temperatures, the blood vessels in the legs and arms are tight. However this tightness can occur as a result of exposure to physical or mental stress. It is a very serious disease in which fingers can literally frozen, thereby threatening their amputation.

     Improper diet: A diet low in vitamins , minerals and fatty acids cause long-term damage to arteries , veins and capillaries . A damaged blood vessels can better perform their function, particularly difficult in the hands and feet.

     Varicose veins: Veins can occur clots that can bring to inflammation. This is called venous thrombosis.

     Special conditions and diseases: Pregnancy, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol … can also count on the circulation and cause cold hands and feet.

     What to do to fix the problem?

  1. First and foremost change the bad lifestyle. Eat healthy foods and exercise moderately but regularly. You will feel a big change.
  2. If you are exposed to cold do everything to maintain body temperature. Wear gloves and warm woolen clothes. Be physically active, it will hold heat.
  3. For quickly warming eat fresh ginger.
  4. Quit smoking or stay out from smoky room.

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