Sometimes Is Hard To Say “No”

           When you say “yes” to someone, you are actually saying “no” to yourselves. Sometimes many compromises needed to be done in order to be able to work with other people, but the problem does not occur here. The problem arises when you lose balance and say too many “yes’s”, which means you are saying “no” to yourself too many times.


          Usually the answer “no” is given due to the fear that by such a response you will be rejected by others and will not be liked if you reject someone’s suggestion. When people say “no”, they are afraid that the person they have given that answer will feel rejected. But people are mistaken as to always answering “yes” is an expression of love and acceptance. Every person should have enough self-respect and to say what he thinks, what he wants, he feels. People with more confidence often take a tough stance and openly say “yes” when they really think “yes”, while saying “no”, when they really think “no”.
When you will allow yourself to say “no”, “I do not want to”, then you will say the words more easily, without a sense of guilt and remorse, without sense that you are doing something wrong. This way you will feel more satisfied with your life, you will relax easier and it will be easier to maintain relationships with other people, plus, you will be more energetic and well rested. This will change and your beliefs, although it is not so simple. However, it takes time for that change to happen. You should try to give an answer “no” every day and analyze yourself how you feel after that. In the beginning you will feel guilt and maybe even feel uncomfortable. But make sure you remind yourself that it is something that will pass and that you are doing something good for yourself at the moment. This means means that you have improved the relationship with yourself and at the same time you will increase your self-esteem and your confidence.

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