Spending Money On New Experiences Brings More Happiness Than Spending Money On Material Assets


      People often spend money to buy certain things. But a study published in the journal “Positive Psychology” has showed us that material things are not good for us. We do not say these things makes us unhappy, but they do not make us happy either. On the other hand, each new adventure, each trip and experience make us happier.

      Researchers from the University of San Francisco found that life should be valued according to the memories that we create, but people forget this because they are too busy focusing on trends.

      In the book “Happy Money: The Science of Smarter Spending”, authors Elizabeth Day and Michael Norton present the results of many years of research in order to explain which is the best way to turn money into pleasure. They listed five principles:

  • Usingthe money forpleasuresand enjoyment.
  • Invest inothers! Spending money onothersmakes us happierthanspendingmoney onourselves.
  • Acquiring Research has shown that material assets bring lesssatisfaction than, for example, traveling orvisitingconcerts.
  • Pay now use later. Postponement of consumption brings more enjoyment.
  • Buy some time. Focusing on time rather than money brings more benefits.

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