Sugar Is One Of The Leading Causes For Breast Cancer


       Breast cancer is the most common insidious disease in women. Scientists are louder when it comes to raising awareness that sugar is one of the most common causes for the occurrence of breast cancer.

       Blood sugar exists to feed the brain and other glucose dependent tissues and provide energy for proper work of the muscles. When we sit all day long and intake sugars, they have nowhere to be spent, thus they lead to numerous problems. The latest research has shown that “hidden sugar” which is part of the soft drinks and food such as ketchup, cereal sticks and cookies increase the likelihood and spread of breast cancer in women.

       The researchers found that when mice were given foods rich in sucrose, the tumor grew, and metastasis occurred. They found that fructose in sugar that is used daily, as well as corn syrup containing high levels of fructose increase the possibility of breast cancer.

       Scientists have come up with a way to outsmart cancer cells and use their cravings for sugar in order to treat malignant diseases. Introducing high doses of vitamin C, which otherwise has the same structure as glucose, will make cancer cells absorb it like a sponge, thinking that thereby they take their favorite fuel, but remain hungry.

      Some scientists initially encouraged tumor growth by giving a solution of glucose, and then abruptly “fried” it by giving it strong chemotherapy or radiation. This way the survival rate of patients was doubled. They also patented a special formula diet of these patients which contains very little sugar and a lot of protein and fat.

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