Take Care Of Your Gray Hair And Hair Loss With This Unique Natural Ingredient In 2 Steps


All of us is familiar with the great amount of benefits that baking soda provide. However, since recently, there have been discovered a new benefit to this ingredient, which makes it even more economical and easy to obtain. This effect is another reason why you should definitely have to include baking soda into the list of useful products.

Hair related problems can be a serious issue not just because of the aesthetic concern, but because of health, as well. So, we are going to use baking soda to treat this issue. If you are interested to check its effectiveness, keep on reading!

The hair shampoos that we constantly use are rich in chemical substances that deposits in our scalp over time, thus generating dandruff and greasiness. But, luckily the dirt can be removed with baking soda, making it regenerated, shiny, and smooth.

The following treatment is consisted of 2 parts. For the need of the first one, you will have to prepare a solution with the following ingredients.


– 750 ml of water

– 250 g of baking soda


In case you have a shorter hair, reduce down the amounts while preparing this treatment. Although you may find strange washing your hair without foam, you need to wait for the results. Apply this mixture on your head, and with gentle movements, massage you scalp and spread the rest along. Let it stay for a couple of minutes and then rinse with warm water.

If you want to even boost the results, make the second step by using these ingredients:

– 1 liter of water

– 200 ml of vinegar


Mix both of the ingredients and put the mixture on your hair by making massaging movements just like the ones in the previous step. Wait 5 minutes and then rinse with warm water. You can even add several drops of some essential oil of lavender or mint to improve the aroma of the vinegar. Don’t let the vinegar reach your eyes since it might cause irritation.

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