Tasty And Healthy Autumn Meal – Cauliflower Soup


       The autumn cauliflower soup is great meal during the autumn period. It is delicious and healthy meal that is rich in vitamins, minerals and energy suitable for days such as these. This soup is made of the fruit and leaves of cauliflower which are very beneficial to the overall health.

      In order to prepare the soup you will need half a clove of cauliflower (together with the leaves), 50 ml of olive oil, 2 tablespoons of regular flour, parsley, pepper and dried mixed spices. Chop the cauliflower and its leaves into small pieces. Heat the oil and add the flour, which should be fried. Once it is fried you need to add 200 ml of water. When the water stars boiling add the cauliflower, parsley and dried mixed spices. The whole mixture should be left to simmer for 7 minutes. The soup needs to be consumed while warm.

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