Tattooing Can Easily Cause Cancer

Tattoo of a back in disposable gloves

     Toxins from  tattoo pigments can be absorbed into the body and cause cancer, researchers find. Experts believe that by applying pigments they. Studies have found that certain dyes used for tattooing contain carcinogenic substances known , and scientists calling for regulation of color in this area.

    Allegedly, certain types of tattooing pigments contain substances such as cobalt and mercury, which are very dangerous. Desmond Tobin, director of the Institute at the University of Bradford in the UK, says that research has shown quite enough, and that is, that these substances are toxic and detrimental to human health. can enter the bloodstream and accumulate in the spleen and kidneys, and thus impair the body’s ability to filter impurities.

   “Some pigments are sold with little or no additional product information, so their composition remains an enigma for people who use them ,” he said.

    A study in Denmark found that carcinogenic chemicals were found in 13 of 21 sample of pigments that are commonly used for tattooing in Europe. Therefore, experts warn that despite this fact, the appeal and introducing strict regulations in this area.

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