The Benefits Of Reflexology For Stress Reduction


         Reflexology is the physical activity during which a slight pressure on reflex points that correspond to every part, gland and organ of the body releases stress and tension, improves circulation and immunity and thus returns the body to a state of homeostasis.

        We apply techniques of feet and hands. It can be said that the entire work of the body is reflexive and hence it comes to reflexology. I see that the extremities have a strong impact because they recognize recurring patterns that exist in the body, but, for us the most effective focus is on the feet and hands.

       Schemes for areas with reflex points are organized as follows. Left foot / hand reflect the left side of the organism and right foot / hand reflects the right side of the organism. Toes and hands mirror reflex points on the head and neck and internal organs. The part of the foot, below the toes, represents the lungs and upper back as well as the heart. The base of the bones of the feet and hands represent the waist of the body. Internal organs that over waist are indicated by reflex points over this line and below the waist they are below this line.

       In general terms the benefits of reflexology is to reduce stress. Since arms and legs collect stress for the rest of the body, this way stress signals are broken and homeostasis is reset, the equilibrium of the body. Estimation using reflexology is performed when stress balls are shattered. Stress balls are parts of the foot and hand that indicate stress. The reflexologist should not make a diagnosis and prescribe medication.

       Reflexology can be done at any time and at any place. The trick is consistency. We are impressed with the results in China. The secret is that they practice reflexology once a day, 6 days in a row, in segments of two weeks. Then review the results and if necessary repeat the segments. Such treatments last from 30 minutes up to 1 hour. Just the feet are massaged and sometimes the hands too. Some use oil. Reflexologists use pressure, stretch and movement which are methods for foot’s work. Too much pressure can be uncomfortable for you and can lead to injury. If you experience injury you have to talk with the therapist about what is comfortable for you. You should feel relaxed at the end of the treatment.

       More than 170 studies on the effects of reflexology are made, and 95 of them are controlled. 90% of studies indicate positive results, such as the impact of diseases, improves quality of life, particularly affect the work of the body, certain technique produces results immediately, certain technique also affects specific reflex points on the body. It has been proven that reflexology improves the overall health of the organism.

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