The Law Of Attraction


       The Law of Attraction is universal law that can help you find your soul mate. The law says that you are attracted by those people, events and experiences that are similar to your condition. For example, if you focus on love and companionship, you will attract more of it into your life. Both positive and negative thoughts bring positive and negative events (depending). Simply said, in order to get love from others you need to show love and at the same time you have to have it yourself. And that can simply be achieved by loving yourself first.

      Through several theories, science has tried to explain exactly what attracting is, when it occurs and what can affect it.

  1. The halo effect – halo effect occurs when a person speaks with greater enthusiasm, laughing and is more open. This person is more accepted by the “audience”. We are “blinded” by her/his movements and positive energy and pay much attention to the conversation. If that person says the same text with less enthusiasm and more negative attitude, we will concern it as more conservative- it will be badly accepted and most critics would refer tothings that have been said by her /him.
  2. The sound of attraction – it can happen very often for us create a mental picture of a person just by the sound of their voice. Do you happen to talk to someone over the phone, and create an image of the person just by their voice, and then when you meet you realize that they do not look nearly as similar as in your mind. The voice tends to show some physical characteristics. Some listeners have the ability to reveal a person’s socio-economic status, personality and emotional condition through the voice of the speaker. When it comes to attraction – the higher tone in women and deeper tone in men are considered more attractive.
  3. The smell of attraction – We have all learned that certain odors are characteristic of certain persons and we may even recognize. It is believed that our brain connects odors with different emotions. Studies have shown that we all have “genetic” smell which distinguishes us from the rest. However, women have a greater ability in recognizing that specific odor, especially when they are in an ovulation phase. Certainly women use more perfume than men, and this may be the reason why men fail to recognize their natural smell so successfully.


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