The Old Remedy Of The Balkans: Gladiator For Viruses And Infections! (RECIPE)


      Use as needed or desired , whenever and however you want, as there are no contraindications. The preparation made ​​for centuries in the Balkans is very good as an adjuvant for the treatment of diseases and respiratory infections , especially cough and other symptoms of colds and flu.

     For a jar of 800 ml of this preparation you will need:

     – 15 to 20 small pine young shoots that in the spring report to the tips of the branches;

     – 1 whole lemon larger , preferably with thin peel , well washed and cut into thin slices;

     – 500 g of honey, the best of meadow and acacia.

     Preparation: The above ingredients in a jar arrange alternate – pine shoots – lemon – honey and so on, until you spend ingredients and fill the jar. Well quit and let the light and warm place to rest for 40 days, the best on a window. Occasionally turn the jar to mixed the ingredients nicely. After 40 days strain the liquid part, throw the remains of pine and lemon and obtained pine honey keep in  refrigerator.

     Use as needed or desired, whenever and however you want, as there are no contraindications, a top-notch help in treating the symptoms of flu and colds.

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