These Men Have A 80 Percent Higher Risk Of Throat Cancer: A Dangerous Symptom That All Ignore!

Throat cancer symptoms

      Smoking, alcohol and HPV virus are not the only causes of cancer of the throat and vocal cords. A recently published study, which included 600 patients with cancer of the throat, showed that the risk of cancer of the throat and vocal folds higher in patients with frequent heartburn! The study also showed that antacids , but not the drugs that block the secretion of gastric acid, reducing this risk. The study is in line with previously reported results, and it warns us that smoking, alcohol consumption and infection by HPV (Human papilloma virus) is likely not the only external risks for throat cancer, experts warn.

     The first one was a possible link between cancer of the throat and vocal cords, and heartburn warned study conducted on 1,900 respondents, whose results were published in 2013. Then it turned out that frequent heartburn increased risk of cancer by as much as 78 percent, even though people usually do not smoke and do not drink alcohol. The frequent occurrence of heartburn are those that occur daily or several times a week, during which the contents of the stomach back into the esophagus, and at the same acids and enzymes from the stomach cause irritation and inflammation of the mucous membrane of the esophagus.

     As a result , one can develop the so-called Barrett’s esophagus, precancerous condition, which may be detected gastroscopy and biopsy, and is the frequent heartburn more than advisable to visit a gastroenterologist. Keep in mind that heartburn can easily control, because of its appearance meals a crucial factor. Affluent and spicy meals worsen the condition, however, confer more frequent and smaller meals, while the latter should be at least 4 hours before bedtime.

     If you still suffer from frequent and prolonged heartburn, be sure to visit your doctor, who will probably rewrite the medications to reduce gastric acid secretion.

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