12 Things That Happen To Your Body When You Eat Eggs


Eggs are one of the healthiest foods that are welcomed into everyone’s regular diet. They are easily-obtainable and packed with proteins, amino-acids as well as antioxidants and other nutrients which all help in strengthening our immune system.

It is recommended that you consume the whole egg since its yolk contains a nutrient by the name of choline which is known to fight fat and regulate weight.

Although eggs are incredibly healthy, you should always keep an eye out and make sure you’re buying organic eggs that don’t contain any hormones, vaccines or antibiotics. Other than that, there isn’t any big difference in eggs, no matter where you get them from. The color also plays no factor in the nutritional value.

Down below we have a list of 12 reasons why you need to implement eggs into your daily diet, starting today:

  1. Eggs Can Save Your Life

The human body produces 11 essential amino acids that are necessary to sustain life. However the body needs 9 more amino acids and believe it or not – they can all be found in eggs. If your body is lacking the 9 other necessary amino acids, it might result in a weakened immune system, fatigue, muscle wasting and change of texture in your hair and skin.

  1. Improve Your Cholesterol Profile

Eggs are known for containing cholesterol in large amounts. Although they cannot raise the good cholesterol and worsen your condition, they can significantly lower your high (bad) cholesterol and regulate it.

  1. Boost Your Immune System

Just one egg daily can help your body better fight off diseases, viruses and infections as they include 22% of RDA of selenium which is a well-known nutrient that boosts the entire immune system as well as regulates the thyroid hormones.

It is also recommended that children consume eggs since selenium deficiency might result in joint pain as well as bones and heart issues.

  1. Reduce The Risk Of Heart Diseases

The LDL particles broadcast their fat molecules into the walls of the arteries and botching them, thus making it “bad” cholesterol.

According to scientific studies, the bigger the particles are, the higher the risk of experiencing cardiovascular issues.

What eggs do is that they help enlarge these arteries so the LDL particles can safely pass through them without clogging them.

  1. Improve the brain function

Choline – which is the essential nutrient found in eggs is also a component of cell membranes and it is essential for acetylcholine synthesis.

This neurotransmitter is essential for a proper brain function and deficiency of it can cause numerous neurological disorders.

  1. Eggs lead to healthy teeth and bones

Eggs are an excellent source of vitamin D meaning that they’re especially good for maintaining proper bone and teeth health. They also support calcium absorption which is crucial for proper heart, colon and metabolism function.

  1. Eggs can improve your hair and skin

The vitamins that are crucial for healthy eyes, skin, hair and liver are B-complex vitamins and they’re found in eggs.

  1. Great for your eye health

The egg yolk contains two potent antioxidants called zeaxanthin and lutein that promote eye health and protect the eyes. They reduce the risk of vision degeneration which is also a common eye issue around the whole world, especially for older people.

According to a study, people who consumed eggs at least 4 times a week had better eyes and vision than those who didn’t.

  1. Eggs can help you lose weight

Eggs can help in the process of melting fat and losing excess pounds because they give you a feeling of fullness that prevents you from craving food.

A study found out that people who consumed eggs for breakfast experienced weight reduction by as much as 34% in the abdominal area.

    10. You’ll Feel Fuller And Eat Less

Eggs are so rich in protein that instead of buying expensive energizers and chemical-packed protein shakes, you can just eat eggs. They will make you feel full, but at the same time provide you with enough strength and protein to keep you energized for your workout sessions.

  1. Eggs Eliminate stress and anxiety

The deficiency of the 9 essential amino acids can have a huge impact on the mental health. People who lacked these 9 amino acids have been shown to experience more brain issues as well as a decreased amount of serotonin in the body.

  1. Eggs provide much energy

Eggs contain the legendary vitamin B2 (also known as riboflavin) that is extremely beneficial for the overall body since it plays a vital part in the production of energy and strength.

After these 12 reasons, you might want to consider implementing eggs into your daily diet. It is going to improve your life guaranteed!

Source: www.healthyfoodhouse.com

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