10 Things We All Need To Know About Our Blood Type!


We’ve been long familiar with the concept of different blood types having different characteristics. Down below we have a list of everything you should know and pay close attention to about your blood type.

  1. Blood type and Nutrition

Blood type as a huge role in nutrition, weight loss and digestion. People should consume different types of food beneficial for their health, according to their blood type. One example of this is the fact that people with Blood type A should avoid eating meat and focus more on vegetables. Other is that people with blood type O should focus more on proteins and consume meat and fish.

And last but not least people with blood type AB should consume seafood, lean meat and those with blood type B should avoid eating chicken meat and consume red meat.

  1. Blood type and Diseases

By learning the characteristics of your blood type, you’ll be able to prevent some diseases and health conditions.

  1. Blood type and Personality

As we mentioned above, every blood type has its own different characteristics that affect the personality also. One example of this are people with blood type O being more creative, confident, extroverted and socialized while people with blood type A are trustworthy and peaceful. People with blood type B are always dedicated to their goals while people with AB type are shy, responsible and reliable.

  1. Blood type and Pregnancy

Blood type plays an enormous role in pregnancy as one blood type can conceive easier than others. That blood type is AB.

  1. Blood type and Stress Susceptibility

Everyone has different reactions to stress. People with blood type O get angry very easily as they have higher levels of adrenalin and need more time to pull themselves together in stressful situations.

  1. Blood antigens

Blood antigens are not only present in the blood, but in other body parts as well. They’re also found in the digestive tract, mouth, colon but also lungs and nostrils as well.

  1. Blood type and Abdomen

Whether or not we’re going to have belly fat depends on our blood type. People with blood type A almost never have problems with belly fat while people with blood type O are more prone to belly fat.

  1. Blood type and Marriage

People mostly get married from love. But choosing a partner with a suitable blood type is of extreme importance as A and B blood type aren’t allowed to mix because of the Rh factor. This is why many couples do a blood test before getting married.

  1. Blood types and Exercise

People with blood type A are more prone to stress so they need to focus on relaxing and calming exercises while people with blood type B are prone to having challenges in their life and need to focus on calming activities for the spirit and body.

  1. Blood type and Emergencies

Blood type is just as important as address, name, surname and phone number, which is why you must know your blood type and always carry something that indicates your blood type so someone else can easily intervene in case of an emergency.

Source: www.cuisineandhealth.com

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