Think Twice Before Giving Nutella To Your Children!


          Recently, several poisonous ingredients were found in Nutella:

  • Vanillin-Vanillin is an artificialtasteofNutella. It is used todeceiveyour brain that you are tryingrealvanillaBut vanillin is a neurotoxinthatcan killbrain cells. This unhealthy ingredient is also addictivebecause itinteracts withreceptorsin the brainthat releaseserotonin.
  • Skimmilk -Nutellacontains skim milkwhichis not true skim milk.It is made of GMOcowsin orderto reduce the value.
  • Sugar-Nutellacontains a hugeamount ofWe all know thatexcessive useof sugar isharmful tothe entire organism.But sugar can really be found in excessive amount in Nutella, andwe cannot satisfy ourselves by eating only oneteaspoon of Nutella.
  • Soy – Nutella also contains soy. Soy is usually considered a healthy food. But Nutella contains soybean lecithin, which is harmful to overall health. It can adversely affect the thyroid gland, uncontrolled increasing in body weight and even breast cancer.

          These are the reasons because of which you should try and avoid Nutella, especially your children to avoid it.

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