This is The Reason Why You’re Going To Freeze Lemon From Now On!


     Lemon is an ideal natural resource consumption. Lemonoids natural chemical compounds contained in lemon, which lately tie some research on cancer, especially that of the breast.

     Lemons can be eaten whole – pulp, juice , seeds and rind. It should know that the rind contains 10 times more vitamin C than the juice.

     Apart carcinogenic lemon has several other positive effects on human health. He is very good for detoxifying the body has antibakterial, antifungal and anti-depressive effect, ie good at fighting stress. Also act against enteric parasites and worms.

     Such acts of lemon makes it very useful, and therefore need to have it always at hand. So when he has in abundance, we can preserve frozen. Wash it nicely, and then freeze it. When you want to use just grate it or grind it and use it on your favorite dishes, such as salads, pasta, soups or ice cream.


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